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Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 1.50.22 PM The Maury County Historical Society, in addition to its sponsored book publications, has back issues of its quarterly magazine, Historic Maury, available for sale. The Historic Maury chronicles the history of Maury County and its places, people, and artifacts. The 50 plus years of Historic Maury provides an opportunity for our members, as well as interested readers, to engage with and enjoy some of the history that we all can appreciated. Through the years, our editors have looked to include interesting and relevant Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee items of historical interests, which represent different periods, views, and approaches towards history in our county. Through the Historic Maury issues, you can find documentation and interpretation of over 200 years of Maury County history.

     If not a member of the Maury County Historical Society, discover the plethora of talent displayed over the years by the numerous dedicated editors of Historic Maury and their many contributors since the rebirth of the Society in 1965. You can do so by ordering from the Society’s back issue offerings of Historic Maury. On the other hand, as an existing member, you may want to revisit the editors’ and contributors’ marvelous works, but cannot locate your copy of that issue or issues containing the article(s) of interest. A replacement then is in order; just order your replacement(s) from the Society’s stores of Historic Maury back issues.


     Both indexes cover the articles and associated issues from 1982 through the September 2012 issue to assist you in ordering. To view the index sorted by article title, click on Article Title Sort, and to view the index sorted by year, volume, issue, and page, click on Issue Sort.

     Some issues are limited, but while copies are available, you can order them from the Society simply by filling out the order form with your choice(s) (click on Historic Maury Order Form) and then forward your requested purchase order to the address below.

Maury County Historical Society
ATTN: VP for Publications
P. O. Box
Columbia, TN 38402-0147