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The Maury County Historical Society, in addition to its quarterly magazine HISTORIC MAURY, has sponsored and published through the years several books which have documented and help preserve historical knowledge and understanding of Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee and its people, activities, places, and sites.

     If interested in history, especially Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee, then you have found a great source for your interests. The Maury County Historical Society’s publications, both its sponsored books and quarterly magazine, offer interesting and entertaining reads about the local history of this area. There’s history about the origins of Maury County; its early settlers; its many distinguished citizens; its many historic homes, buildings, and sites; and much more, which can be found in our sponsored books and quarterly magazine.

     The Maury County Historical Society is always searching for historical insights into Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee, especially Maury County, because tomorrow’s “history” must be captured today. Our publication efforts are aimed at documenting the past and present for the future, endeavouring to record both in a fashion that is organized and retrievable for, not only historians, but for all in the future. Each day makes such record keeping more and more important.

     While copies are available, you can order them from the Society simply by selecting your choice(s) and forwarding your requested purchase order to the address below. For books, see our Book Publications page, and for our quarterly magazine, see our Historic Maury Magazine Publications page.

Maury County Historical Society
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