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    The Maury County Historical Society, in addition to its quarterly magazine HISTORIC MAURY, has sponsored and published through the years several books which have documented and help preserve historical knowledge and understanding of Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee and its people, activities, places, and sites. The Maury County Historical Society, through its sponsored book publications, provides an opportunity for our members, as well as interested readers, to engage with and enjoy the books that we have particularly endeavored to create by our talented members over the past 50 plus years. We have sought to select subject matter and applicable titles which represent different periods, views, and approaches towards chronicling Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee history. These books are distinguished in their documentation and interpretation of Maury County and surrounding Middle Tennessee history, as well as the places, people, and artifacts comprising that history.

     While copies are available, you can order them from the Society simply by filling out the order form with your choice(s) (click on Book Order Form) and then forward your requested purchase order to the address below.

Maury County Historical Society
ATTN: VP for Publications
P. O. Box
Columbia, TN 38402-0147


Available Books

Maury County Historical Society members in good standing are entitled to a 10% discount on publication prices. Indicate membership status on order form and deduct 10% from publication price. Shipping & Handling rates are based on shipping single item. There are no “per shipment” charges–purchasing multiple items results in multiple shipping charges. Go to Book Order Form to order books.

(Please note that ALL prices are subject to change without notice!)



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